A website’s performance is not only about displaying static files, but also ensuring that every page of it opens as quickly and efficiently as possible, no matter which device a visitor is surfing the internet from. Providing a better experience, websites that load faster attract more visitors than slow websites that tend to loose visitors immediately.

If you want to attract more customers, you must work to optimize the speed of your website and decrease the load time of web pages. At TecMaestro, we have highly experienced website speed optimization professionals who use proven techniques to take your website’s performance to the next level.

Analyzing various factors – HTML code, CSS scripts and others – that may affect the performance of your website, we implement the right strategies to make your website load faster. We have optimized multiple websites till date, increasing the speed of a few website by about 5 times.

With Google’s recent announcement, you have got one more reason to increase web page speed scores for your website. In a major update, the search engine giant has revealed that faster loading websites will have better chances of achieving higher ranks. Hence, it has become imperative for you to make full efforts to increase your website’s load speed.

How to check your website speed

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We follow some proven methods to reduce the load time:

Make use of a Content Delivery Network (CDN)

When your website uses a lot of media content like videos, audios, podcast, etc. then using a CDN helps. Our team can help with every aspect of it.

Make fewer HTTP requests

CSS Sprites, Image maps, inline images are some of the techniques that we use to minimize HTTP requests to your server.

Compressing documents, scripts and stylesheets

There are some tools that we make use of to compress your documents to enable faster loading.

Cleaning up code

We remove all unnecessary characters, unused scripts, white spaces and duplicate scripts as well as other things that might increase the load time.

Putting CSS and JavaScript in external files

Keeping the scripts in an external file and embedding them together sends only one request to server, increasing the website performance significantly.

Cacheable AJAX

If your website makes use of AJAX, it must be optimized properly. The performance of AJAX can be improved by making the responses cacheable.

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